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Scrivener for iOS: First Review

In this article, I’ll review the iOS version of Scrivener that’s been released on the 20th of July 2016. The first time Scrivener for iOS...

FREE: Reading Screenplays On The Go

You want to read screenplays on your iPhone or iPad? If you go to the AppStore and enter "screenplay reader" into the search bar,...

Scrivener On The Go: Sync With Simplenote

Besides syncing Scrivener with Index Card for iPad (link) there is another possibility for taking your Scrivener content with you: syncing with Simplenote. Simplenote does...

Scrivener On The Go: Sync With Index Cards (iPad)

Literatureandlatte (the makers of Scrivener) have announced an iPad app that should be able to take your beloved Scrivener projects on the road with...