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You’ve found it.

The Writer’s Territory.

This place where writers of all kind mingle to chat, gossip, babble, converse, jabber, palaver,… and of course WRITE about their favourite tools for their craft: writing software for fiction and non-fiction writers.

Feel free to roam these fields as long as you wish. I hope you find the information provided helpful. Should you be missing something or find anything disturbing, confusing, or otherwise worth mentioning, you are obligated by the writer’s territory house rules to hit this  instantly and let me know what’s wrong.

Being a screenwriter myself I have been using many different writing software tools and actually gained more insights about what works and what doesn’t than I intended to. No matter how sophisticated a piece of writing software gets, sometimes theses things just don’t want to do what they’re supposed to.

I’m sure you can relate.

This is why I want to provide you with valuable information about what kinds of writing software is out there BEFORE you spend you hard-earned money on it.

What will you find here?


I test run lots of different free and paid-for writing software packages and give you my honest opinion.

Tips and Tricks

Speed up your writing and improve your productivity by learning these Tricks. You’ll be amazed how they help you in your daily process.

Found some tricks for yourself and want to let your writing colleagues know? Tell me about it.


Trying to figure out the best creative process for you?
Or you’ve already figured it out and want to share it with others?
What combination of writing software do you use?
What has worked for you and what hasn’t?

Read all about it. Or let me know what works for you HERE.

What you will absolutely and under no circumstances NOT find here:

  • How to milk a cow
  • How to beat writer’s block (Because I have no idea)
  • … and cutie, cutie kitty pictures. You won’t find those here either.

Other than that, have fun and feel free to explore.

Oh, and one last thing: don’t go too far from the group. You know what happens to those who do… (I wish I could cue dramatic music now but I’m sure your imagination will jump in).