In the past couple of years, we experienced the rapid evolution of our mobile devices. With remote working becoming a trend, more and more people are starting to use their mobile devices for managing daily activities.

Wherever we go, we bring our smartphones with us. Since now they are packed with strong processors and fast internet connectivity, basically they are like mini supercomputers that we can hold in our hands.

Whether we are at the coffee shop, restaurant, or somewhere abroad, we are constantly on our phones reading emails and trying to do some work. Beyond doubt, our mobile devices are becoming a significant part of our lives and apps are the ones that are changing the way we live and work.

Not so long ago, writers could only choose between a couple of apps, but thanks to Steve Jobs and the introduction of the iPad everything has changed. Nowadays you can choose between hundreds of apps specifically designed for writers in mind. The only problem is finding the right app, so let’s take a look at some of the best and most useful ones!

Werdsmith1. Werdsmith

With “Werdsmith” you can turn your iPhone, iPad and even your Apple Watch into portable writing studio, so you can write wherever you are. It has five unique, beautiful themes and a lot of formatting options, so you can design your story to your liking.
Another great thing is that you can set writing practices and word goals you want to follow. In this way, you can track your daily progress and reach desired results. All of your work is automatically backed up to the cloud and accessible on all of your devices. Also, your work is protected with Touch ID and passcode.

Available on iOS

PDF to Word Converter2. PDF to Word Converter

With Cometdocs “PDF to Word Converter,” you can quickly and accurately convert PDFs right on your device wherever you are. For example, every time you need to edit some old PDFs, instead of retyping it all over again, with this app you can convert it to Word and then edit the text.

The great thing is that you can convert Gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive directly from the app which is useful for people who like to keep everything on the cloud. Also, with their Industry-leading OCR technology, you can even convert scanned and complex PDFs.

Since all conversions are done on the servers, the app won’t drain your device’s battery. Likewise, if you are worried that your documents can be compromised, don’t be because all documents are being deleted after the conversion is complete.

Available on iOS and Android

Coffitivity3. Coffitivity

It is hard for some people to concentrate and be productive in a totally noise-free environment. With “Coffitivity” you can recreate the ambient sounds of a coffee shop, so it can boost your creativity and help you work better, as simple as that.

You can choose from various coffee shop sounds to create your ideal work environment. Also, you can open your favorite music app and listen to your music while Coffitivity continues to play at the same time. Further, you can tweak the Coffitivity app to create the perfect blend with your music.

Available on iOS and Android

PDF Merge4. PDF Merge

With “PDF Merge” you can combine two or more PDFs into one, right on your device. Imagine you have a lot of PDFs scattered around your device and on various cloud services, yet, you want to combine them all into one document. Well, with this app you can do exactly that, quickly and accurately.

You can even reorder or delete pages you don’t like and then share that newly created document or you can open it in other apps as well. Supported cloud services are Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. The app won’t drain your battery because the whole process is done on the servers and not on your device.

Available on iOS and Android

Dragon Dictation5. Dragon Dictation

With “Dragon Dictation” you can take hands-free notes whenever creativity hits you without touching or looking at your device. It is a great asset while driving, when you are under the shower or any other time your hands are busy.

You can dictate almost anything, from your book paragraphs to your emails. And yes, you can even dictate your social media status updates. The app also provides a list of suggested words and has voice-driven correction interface.

Available on iOS


As a writer, I believe you will find a great use for all of these apps. Some of them will help you concentrate and the others will make you more productive.

Have I missed to include any of your favorite apps in this list? What is your own writing app of choice and have you used any of the mentioned apps? Let me know in the comments below.

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