FADE IN User Interface Settings (Revision colors, …)


Learn how to prepare your FADE IN user interface for your most productive writing experience.

To open the user interface settings dialog go to “Fade In – Preferences” and click the “User Interface” tab.

Open FADE IN's User Interface Settings - FADE IN User Interface Settings
Open FADE IN’s User Interface Settings

User interface brightness

Adjust the brightness to your liking here.


This gives you several overall designs to choose from.


You can choose to have Fade In show you the revision color of the highest-ordered revision on that page or have the revised text displayed in color.

Custom page view window color

This changes the background color of the user interface if you don’t like the one that comes with the theme.

Set custom window colours in FADE IN - FADE IN User Interface Settings
Set Custom Window Colours

Show splash screen at startup

Fade In will show you a splash screen when you start the program if that one is checked.

Keep typing centered

This keeps the line on which you’re typing centered in the middle of the screen. In other writing applications this is also referred to as typewriter scrolling.

Always show ruler

This always displays the ruler with the page measurements and the margins at the top of the screen. If this is off, the ruler is only shown when the line length is being adjusted.

Page colors

If you want to have something different that black text on white paper, you can change the paper color here. Keep in mind though, that if you’re working with revises pages and you choose a different paper color here, this will disable revision page colors in the “Editing” tab of the preferences.

Custom Page Colour - FADE IN User Interface Settings
Custom Page Colour

Shortcut keys

You can customize shortcut key definitions here if you like.

Reset user interface

Reset all the settings for user interface, window layout, and so on and so forth here and change them back to default. Keep in mind that this doesn’t reset shortcut keys. You can reset them independently under “Shortcut keys”.

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