How to configure Fade In Title Page Bookmarks


In this article I’ll show you how to configure your title page in Fade In.

In Fade in, the title page is treated as a separate, fully editable document by itself. To access and edit it, go to “Document – Title Page”.

You see these little red squares next to the elements of your title page.

Title Page with bookmarks - How to configure Fade In Title Page Bookmarks
Title Page with bookmarks

Those are title page bookmarks. The use of those bookmarks is optional, but useful if you also want to use that information in your header, footer, or when exporting your script to a pdf.

That means the information you enter here on your title page will be handed to the header or footer where you enter the corresponding placeholder automatically and if you change it on the title page the changes will be reflected automatically on all other pages where you use it.

You can use the following bookmarks:


This is of course the title of your screenplay


This is your subtitle, for example if you’re writing an episodic television show, this would be your episode title.


That’s you in most cases.


The copyright attribution, such as “Copyright (c) (Year)”.


Your contact details: address, phone and/or email information.


The version of your current screenplay, for example “First Draft” or “Second Draft”.

If you need bookmarks to refer to text on multiple lines, for example your mailing address, separate the lines with SHIFT+ENTER.

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