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Trelby is a great free screenwriting application for the PC, so, if you don’t want to spend any money and still need a software that can do the screenplay formatting for you, Trelby might be the right choice for you.

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Okay, so, Page numbers and scene numbers. A Writer’s Territory reader wrote in and asked how to do that.

Page Numbers

If you have your script open in Trelby, go to “Script – Headers…”. Now, here you can define different strings that you would like to appear in your header.

Trelby Headers Settings - Page and Scene Numbers in Trelby
Trelby Headers Settings

If Trelby doesn’t automatically offer you to include page numbers, just click on “Add”. Trelby now creates a new string.

For page numbers, change that string to what it says below the text field entry: the “$” sign, followed by the word “PAGE” in curly brackets. And maybe you want to add a full stop at the end.

If you hit “OK”, Trelby will add page numbers to your header, starting with page 2.

Trelby displays Page Numbers - Page and Scene Numbers in Trelby
Trelby displays Page Numbers

Scene numbers

Let’s have a look at scene numbers as well, that’s really easy to do. Go to “Script – Settings – Change…” and then choose “Formatting”.

Include Scene Numbers - Page and Scene Numbers in Trelby
Include Scene Numbers

Trelby gives you a checkbox here that says “Include scene numbers”. Activate that and you’re done.

Trelby shows Scene Numbers - Page and Scene Numbers in Trelby
Trelby shows Scene Numbers

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